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Are you a person who wakes up in the morning with the burning question…is this as good as it’s going to get?

Are you a person who feels as if you are on the edge of your greatness but you are not quite clear what your exact contribution could be?

Are you a person who longs to share your innate gifts and talents with the world and live a life full of meaning, purpose, and contribution, but feels lost as to how to do that?

If you answered YES to two or more of these questions…you are not alone!  There are many people who feel the same.  They have reached a level of contentment with their lives but still have not broken through their glass ceiling of living their fully expressed potential.

They have good enough lives, some have raised children, some have traveled, some have done work that is generally satisfying…but they know there is something much bigger for them out there….

If YOU are that person, my guess is that you can see ahead that something exciting and delicious is in the air, but you are not sure how to get from where you are to where you want to be!

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  • Mindset Training
  • Mindset Training

  • What if, with this new-found abundance and success, you were able to assemble a team to support you so you could have the freedom to travel, enjoy amazing life experiences, and generously give back to your family and community?
  • What if?
  • I am a person who was just like you. Standing on the edge of my greatness, completely paralyzed and afraid to take the leap.
  • Then one day I did.
  • I let the seeking soul inside me win.
  • But I did not do it alone…I was smart enough to find a tribe and a guide.
  • Then… when I got to the other side…I built a bridge for other people to walk over to take that same path to freedom.
  • Over the last decade tens of thousands of students have gone through the same transformational journey I took.
  • They have since found their soulmates, built entrepreneurial businesses, written books, started blogs, traveled the world, started non-profits, created movements, and broken out of the box they had unknowingly built around themselves.

What is Included in activity
  • Each week, for 8 weeks in a row, you’ll receive practical mindfulness tools and powerful emotional intelligence techniques to catapult your life to the next level. There is a high level of interaction, accountability, and participation for each student, and can be done as a VIP one-on-one journey or as a group journey.

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  • This booking is 20% refundable up to 15 days before the check-in date.
  • Please note that the Recovery and Retreat platform charges a fee of :cancelpercentage% of the total booking cost for any booking cancelled after the first 24hrs.

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