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    Recovery and Retreats is a dynamic new platform created for the conscientious medical tourism, health and wellness traveler. Launching in 2021, and powered by CSTAR International, we are on a mission to meld the ultimate wellness of the body, mind, and soul by providing a unique environment where one can research and book their own recovery facilities, wellness retreats, and activities from across the globe, all in one convenient locale. Welcome to a whole new level of medical tourism…

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Users are much more likely to book if they can simply go ahead and click ‘book’ on a platform they trust.

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Be a part of the only booking platform dedicated to medical tourism and wellness. We help the user save time in finding a safe and reliable facility because we've already done the leg work on vetting your facility and approving you to be part of our platform.

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With 24/7 visibility, our users are looking specifically for you! We are here to help your business grow and look its best with marketing tips, customer support, and promotion.

Easy Deposit Process.

You don’t have to worry about organizing the deposit payment from a guest, as we take care of that for you and simply let you know when there has been a booking (yay to effortlessness!).

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